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Company Profile

Shanghai Jiabao Medical and Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive type approved by the Shanghai Municipal Family Planning Research Institute (who World Health Organization Human Reproductive Research Center) in 1998 in order to better industrialize scientific and technological projects Technology companies. [Into the details of Jiabao]



Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute

"Xipuobao" is a project approved by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission 98, and its quality is in a leading position compared with domestic traditional colostrum products ...


Hekang capsules are designated as the only health care against SARS

Hekang Capsule was developed by Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute (WHO Human Reproduction Research Cooperation Center) ...


China Science and Technology Achievements

In this study, the method of counting macrophages was used to define bovine colostrum, and more than ten hormones and content contained in bovine colostrum were measured, the quality of raw materials was controlled, and anti -...


State Oceanic Administration | China Polar Research Institute

International Antarctic Expedition Scientific Activities and Logistics Technology Exhibition, awarded the honorary title of Shanghai Jiabao Medical Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd.


Agency Process INTO ITS

  • 02.代理意向联系 03.客户实力调查 01. Consulting agency matters 02. Agency intention contact 03. Customer strength survey
  • 05.签订代理合同 06. 交纳保证金 04. On-site inspection of the enterprise 05. Signing of agency contract 06. Payment of security deposit
  • 08.代理店装修 09.组建队伍 07. Regional market research 08. Agency decoration 09. Building a team
  • 11.正式开业 10. Company training 11. Official opening

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